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Apartments in the historic center - the best alternative to hotels in Minsk.

The procedure of settling for rent.

* You can meet with our representative at the apartment at that address. You must have a passport.
* When you check paid the entire stay.
* Check-out time 12-00.

Early arrival and late check out are paid in addition to the size of half days each.

* If you want to extend the lease term, this should be reported in two days, otherwise we reserve the right to refuse to renew.
* If you violate the rules of living in apartments in the contract is terminated unilaterally, and the money was not returned.


We are not renting apartments, for birthdays, holidays and corporate events, apartments are only for living!

You want to see the sights of the city, rent an apartment and spend leisure time with friends at home? On the day we offer luxury apartments in Minsk, without intermediaries. They made repairs to the Euro-design elements of copyright. Apartments for rent in historic cities - these are the best accommodations in Minsk. Renting apartments for a day in recent years become increasingly popular. And not only that the private apartments almost twice cheaper than a hotel room. Rather, the growing popularity of apartments due to people's desire for comfort. Unlike hotels, our apartments are fully equipped with kitchen, satellite TV, high speed internet. They will be useful for people seeking privacy and seclusion. In addition, when hotels are full - flat on the day the only solution.

Hotel Express - it's certainly fine, but do not suit everyone who wants to stay in Minsk. The hotel can not be located in the heart of the city, and all of our accommodation options are located in the heart of the capital. Cheap hotels in Minsk on the comfort level may not be suitable for people accustomed to the elite living conditions. Booking is not always possible on the phone, it is often necessary for prepayment. Minsk Hotels prices are set depending on the season stay. Hotel in Minsk is distinguished from our apartment and that come with the visitor is not always convenient. Take a trip to visit, learning guide and a photo, take your time to look for the cheapest hotels in Minsk economy class. We must remember that hotels which you can find with free accommodation, may be inappropriate level of comfort. Therefore, to find apartments for rent, we recommend you read the description and viewing photos, attentive to advertising on sites like this: Rent an apartment in Minsk, without intermediaries. Search acceptable option may take more time than on how much you are in town.

Renting apartment owners has recently become quite common, but to rent an apartment in Minsk without mediators at night pretty hard. This is due to the worldwide distribution of the phenomenon of apartments for rent, which could be regarded as a low-cost housing options in the capital of Belarus. In the near future, private hotels in Minsk, hardly able to compete with apartments from owners in terms of price and quality. Cheaper options of course quickly found a tenant than a luxury apartment in the heart of the city, so rent a cheap apartment, can become a big problem for the businessman, his own affairs and not having the ability to quickly find a decent place to communicate with colleagues. In the near future we should expect that rental housing will become even more important in connection with the ongoing global financial crisis. Furnished apartment for a day is quite simple. Need only watch the show descriptions and prices, view photos, and you're sure to find you a suitable alternative.

Phone numbers for booking of our apartments are located above the page.

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Apartments in Minsk for daily rent