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Apartments in the historic center - the best alternative to hotels in Minsk.

  • One-room studio on the street Khoruzhei, 5

    Location: Location: downtown, three minutes walk to the subway Kolas, opposite Komorowski market. Near Lido Restaurant, Department Store, Sports Centre Olympus.

    Number of seats: 2+1

    Cost: 45 - 55 $

  • One-room studio on the street Kupala

    Location: the center. House opposite the hotel Zhuravinka. Near subway station Oktyabrskaya, the Republican Palace, the exhibition center BELEXPO.

    Number of seats: 2+1

    Cost: 60 - 70 $

  • One bedroom apartment on Independence Avenue, 39

    Location: Stalin's house. Log in subway station Victory Square near the entrance. Nice view from the window on Independence Avenue.

    Number of seats: 2+2

    Cost: 65 - 75 $

  • Three-room studio on the street Kiselyov, 15

    Location: historic center. To subway station Victory Square and Independence Avenue one quarter. Solid Stalinist house - a monument of architecture with high ceilings.

    Number of seats: 2+2+2

    Cost: 90 - 120 $

  • Three-room studio on Independence Avenue, 34

    Location: Stalin's beautiful house on Victory Square. Great view of Independence Avenue, the bank of the river, Gorky Park.

    Number of seats: 2+2+2

    Cost: 90 - 120 $

  • Three-room apartment on the street Kiselyov, 7

    Location: historic center of Minsk. To subway station Victory Square and Independence Avenue three minutes walk away. Spacious apartment in a Stalin-era house with a beautiful view from the windows.

    Number of seats: 2+2+2

    Cost: 100 - 120 $

  • Four-bedroom apartment on Lenin Street, 2

    Location: is the center square. House - an architectural monument located naprtiv Europe hotel. Nice view of City Hall from a window in the living room.

    Number of seats: 2+2+2+2

    Cost: of 120$

Everything on this site apartments offered for rent, located in the most prestigious part of Minsk in a beautiful historic homes of the capital.

All pictures of our apartments at night and do not correspond to real change, with special programs.

Rent an apartment you like you can with no collateral and prepayment. Just call us or fill out a booking form.

Payment for accommodation is made on arrival, and you do not pay the rental in advance, which is very convenient for non-resident.

Apartments for rent made completely legal in providing the necessary accounting documents (vouchers coupons).

Please note that removing our apartment, you can be confident that the population will be exactly in the chosen apartment, not one that will be free at this time.

To travel there is an opportunity to rent an apartment to rent for a day in advance and pay by bank transfer.

Settling into the apartment is at the agreed time with the client. Estimated time-12 hours of the day. Early settlement or departure later than the designated time to be paid separately.

Keep in mind that the sooner you choose a suite, the greater the choice will be yours.

Cancel apartment lease at any time. We would be very grateful to you if you let us know in advance about changes in the timing or the cancellation.

Enjoy your stay!




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